Euro 2016 Kits Revealed: All 24 Teams Shirts

Team kits of all 24 European teams who will compete in next summer’s European Championships are officially released. UEFA Euro 2016 will take place in France.

In the month of December 2015, German giant Adidas and Puma had released euro 2016 kits for teams participating in euro 2016 while Nike who sponsors England of course will release the official kits in March 2016 end.

Euro 2016 Kits Released - All 24 Teams Shirts

Take a look at the Euro 2016 kits that are officially released.

England 2016 Euro Kits – (Released)

France Euro Kits – (Released)

Portugal Euro Kits -(Released)

Croatia – (Released)

Turkey – (Released)

Germany 2016 Euro Kits – (Released)

Spain Euro 2016 Kits (Released)

Iceland Euro Kits (Released)

Italy Euro Kits 2016– Puma (Released)

Belgium – Adidas (Released)

Russian – Adidas (Released)

Sweden – Adidas (Released)

Wales Euro 2016 Kits (Released):

Czech Republic Euro 2016 Kits (Released)

Northern Ireland Euro Kits (Released)

Romania Euro Kits 2016 (Released)

Switzerland Euro Kits (Released)

Slovakia – (Released)

Austria – (released)

Albania – (Released)

UEFA Euro 2016 Kits : Brands and Release Dates

1 Germany Adidas Released
2 England Nike
3 Spain Adidas Released
4 France Nike
5 Italy Puma Released
6 Wales Adidas Released
7 Portugal Nike
8 Poland Nike
9 Austria Puma Released
10 Iceland Errea
11 Czech Republic Puma Released
12 Northern Ireland Adidas Released
13 Belgium Adidas Released
14 Russian Adidas Released
15 Romania Joma Released
16 Slovakia Puma (Likely) Released
17 Albania Adidas Released
18 Switzerland Puma Released