UEFA Europa League 2016-17 Schedule

The 2016–17 UEFA Europa League will kick off with first qualifying round match on 30th June 2016 where total 98 teams will participate and only 49 teams will be qualifying for the second qualifying round. Below is complete UEFA Europa League schedule for this season.

In UEFA Europa League, there are three qualifying rounds after that a Playoff round and a Group stage and five knockout rounds where total 32 teams battle for UEFA Europa League title.

The winner of Europa League qualify for the next UEFA Champions League (2017-18 season) . Sevilla has won UEFA Europa League four time and they are the most successful club.

UEFA Europa League Schedule 2016-17 season

2016-17 UEFA Europa League Fixtures (Qualifying Round)

The qualifying round of 2016-17 UEFA cup will start from 30th June 2016 to 25th August 2016. The main event will start from 15th September 2016 and end on 24th May 2017. Lets’s take a look at complete 2016-17 UEFA Europa League schedule.

UEFA Europa League Schedule 2016-17

No. Date Session Stage
1. 30th June 2016 1st Qualifying Round 1st Leg
2. 7th July 2016 1st QR 2nd Leg
3. 14th July 2016 2nd QR 1st Leg
4. 21st July 2016 2nd QR 2nd Leg
5. 28th July 2016 3rd QR 1st Leg
6. 4th August 2016 3rd QR 2nd Leg
7. 18th August 2016 Play Off Round 1st Leg
8. 25th August 2016 Play Off Round 2nd Leg
9. 15th September 2016 Group Stage Game Day One
10. 29th September 2016 Group Stage Game Day Two
11. 20th October 2016 Group Stage Game Day Three
12. 3rd November 2016 Group Stage Game Day Four
13. 24th November 2016 Group Stage Game Day Five
14. 8th December 2016 Group Stage Game Day Six
15. 16th February 2017 Round of 32 1st Leg
16. 23rd February 2017 Round of 32 2nd Leg
17. 9th March 2017 Round of 16 1st Leg
18. 16th March 2017 Round of 16 2nd Leg
19. 13th April 2017 Quarter Finals 1st Leg
20. 20th April 2017 Quarter Finals 2nd Leg
21. 4th May 2017 Semi Finals 1st Leg
22. 11th May 2017 Semi Finals 2nd Leg
23. 24th May 2017 Final


2016-17 UEFA Europa League Draw Schedule

No. Stage Session Date
1. 1st & 2nd Qualifying Round Qualifying 20th June, 2016
2. 3rd Qualifying Round Qualifying 15th July, 2016
3. Play Off Round Play-Off 5th August, 2016
4. Match Day 1 to Match Day 6 Group Stage 26th August, 2016
5. Round of 32 Knockout 12th December, 2016
6. Round of 16 Knockout 24th February, 2017
7. Quarter Finals Knockout 17th March, 2017
8. Semi Finals & Final Knockout 21st April, 2017


The final of 2016-17 UEFA Europa League is scheduled to take place on 24th May 2017 at Friends Arena in Solna, Sweden. Europa League final live broadcast on ITV4.