Watch Video: Seamus Coleman’s leg break by Neil Taylor

Football could be the dangerous game and this fact was again proved right in the 2018 world cup qualifier match between the Republic of Ireland and Wales at the Aviva Stadium on Friday. Seamus Coleman’s was stretchered off in the middle of the match with the broken leg as a result of the nasty tackle by Neil Taylor.

Seamus Coleman, Ireland right back who also plays for Everton in the premier league was the victim of the massive tackle by  Wales and Aston Villa player Neil Taylor. Wales man went flying in for the tackle without considering the safety of his opponent. He was given a straight red card for this offence.

The impact of the collision was so much that the leg was broken while Seamus’s body was in the air. He was stretchered off in the match. His condition was so bad that he was given oxygen in the middle of the pitch. The fans were horrified by the nature of tackle. All the fans were shouting and cursing the Wales man for such and tackle.

Everyone’s attention was on Everton’s Coleman at the end of the match. There were many fans who were praying for his safety. ‘He has gone to the hospital, it’s been confirmed by the doctor that he has broken his leg,’ said the Irish manager. ‘Obviously, it’s a real blow to him, he’s having the season of a lifetime at club level, he’s a big player for us and a great character.

It’s a big, big loss to Everton and a big loss to us. But he’ll fight back I hope. It puts things in perspective I suppose.

Apparently, it wasn’t the best challenge in the world – I haven’t seen it. I saw his reaction immediately and it didn’t look good. He was holding is the leg up and it didn’t look good.’ added the manager. He also told that all the teammates for keeping the fingers crossed and hoping that nothing serious happens to him.

This could be career ending injury for the Ireland player. There were many people who were condemning Neil for making such a horrible tackle without considering the safety of his opponent. Now we could only wait and hope for his quick recovery. Here are some of the reaction by peoples on Twitter to Taylor tackle.

We wish Seamus Coleman for his quick recovery and hope that we could see him on the football pitch soon.