The Masters 2016 Golf Championship Prize Money

The Masters 2016 Golf Championship Prize Money: The Masters Tournament  or The Masters also known as The US Masters is one of the four major championships in golf. The Masters is the first major taking place each year in the first week of April. Unlike some of the other majors, the Masters always takes place at the Augusta Nation Golf Club, USA and the 2016 event will take place between 7th April-10th April 2016. . The Masters was started by Clifford Roberts and Bobby Jones. The tournament is an official money event on the PGA Tour, the European Tour, and the Japan Golf Tour.

The Masters 2016 Golf Championship Prize Money

2016 The Masters Golf Championship Prize Money

The Masters prize money fund collected from the tournaments tv rights deal (65%) and title sponsorships (35%). For the 2016 Master Tournament, the total prize money fund will be $10 million while the winner of 2016 Masters will get as much as $1.8 million.

Distribution of prize money among the players participating in The Masters ?

Every professional player who play in “The Masters” is guaranteed at least $10,000. While the prize money goes up with every higher position right up to $1.8 million for the winners. Players finishing T17 can pocket seven figure sums. But Amateur golfers do not receive any prize money.

The Masters 2016 Golf Championship Prize Money – $10 Million

1 $1.8 million The winner of the masters gets $1.8m. But if a amature golfer wins it he don’t get paid any prize money instead it will be distributed among pro-golfers who made the cut
2 $1.08 million (if several players are tied at T2, each will be paid $880,000)
3 $680,000 (if many players are tied at t3, each will be paid $480,000)
4 $480,000
5 $400,000
6 $360,000
7 $335,000
8 $310,000
9 $290,000
10 $270,000
11 $250,000
12 $230,000
13 $210,000
14 $190,000
15 $180,000
16 to 50 $10,000 less for every position from 16th ($170,000) to 50th ($25,000).
Rest Rest of the pro-golfers will get cash prizes from $24,600 downwards to $10,000 minimum depending on how they finish.