Tamil Talaivas Team Players PKL: Schedule for Pro Kabaddi 2018

Tamil Talaivas Team Players & Schedule 2108: The Tamil Talaivas team is a Tamil Nadu based franchise who will play their home matches in Chennai and owned by Inquest Enterprises Private Limited. Tamil Talaivas team is co-owned by the master blaster Sachin Tendulkar, the team from Tamilnadu is set to enthral its home crowd in Chennai.

When it came to buying players the team from the south was really quick and smart. They picked up two ace players from previous editions raider Ajay Thakur and defender Amit Hooda. The new team is coached by an experienced coach in K Baskaran who led Jaipur Pink Panthers to glory in the first season. Here’s Tamil Talaivas team players, and schedule for Pro Kabaddi 2017.

Tamil Talaivas Team Players

Defender Amit Hooda who also played for Jaipur Pink Panthers is Tamil Talaivas’ most expensive purchase, bought for a whopping 63 lakhs.

Tamil Talaivas Team Players Squad

Players Playing position Category Price (Rs)
Ajay Thakur Raider A 7,623,000
Amit Hooda Defender A 6,930,000
C. Arun Defender B 3,630,000
D. Pradap All-Rounder NYP 660,000
Anand Raider NYP 660,000
Chan Sik Park All-Rounder C 800,000
Jae Min Lee Defender – Left Corner C 800,000
Manjeet Chhillar All-Rounder A 2,000,000
Darshan J. Defender – Right cover A 2,800,000
Sukesh Hegde Raider A 2,800,000
Sunil Defender – Left Corner B 1,200,000
Jasvir Singh Raider B 1,200,000
CPO Surjeet Singh Raider B 1,200,000
Athul MS Raider C 920,000
Anil Kumar Raider C 800,000
Vimal Raj V All-Rounder D 500,000
D. Gopu Defender – Right and Left Corner C 800,000
K. Jayaseelan Raider B 1,200,000
Abhinandan Chandel Raider C 800,000

Tamil Talaivas Team Profile

  • No. of players: 23
  • Team Owner: Sachin Tendulkar
  • Coach: K Baskaran
  • Captain: TBA
  • Venue : Chennai