Interesting Facts About Usain Bolt, The World’s Fastest Athlete

Today we will look at some interesting facts about Usain Bolt who is also known as the world’s fastest athlete. All that is good has to end and that’s what has happened in the world of track. It was a heartfelt sight to see Usain Bolt run for the final time. That lightening struck the track one last time and enthralled us to all new level of excitement once again. Although it could not be a perfect finish, he finished 3rd in a race that would be remembered for years to come.

Here is a list of some interesting facts that you need to know about the king of the track, Usain Bolt.

1. Usain Bolt is as gracious off the track as much he is on the track. He is a man who believes in giving back to those who need. He makes sure that all of his adverts with PUMA are shot in Jamaica with all the crew members native of Jamaica so that it gives a boost to the ailing Jamaican economy. He also adopted a cheetah cub and pays a handsome amount of money to maintain that cub. Also, his contribution to the wildlife in Kenya is remarkable.

2. Being a Jamaican cricket is in his blood. Bolt’s love for Cricket is well publicised but few know that Bolt isn’t that shabby on the Cricket field. He has hit sixes on the bowling of Yuvraj Singh and Chris Gayle and to the top of it, he has also taken the wicket of Chris Gayle with a menacing bouncer. Though all this happened in friendly matches.

3. Bolt has covered 100 meters in less than 9 seconds! Well, that is true, he did while finishing off the final lap of 4*100 relay in London. He completed 100 meters in a mind bogging 8.70 seconds.

4. Bolt has 8 gold medals in Olympics and not 9. Last year one of his teammates Nesta Carter was tested positive for a banned substance, so the entire Jamaican relay team that won the gold in the 4*100 m was stripped of the honours.

5. Bolt has been blessed with a body that helps him to run with such great speed and also that has supported him to carry on for a considerable amount of time. He has scoliosis ( deformed shape of backbone.). Despite this shortcoming, he never complained and carried on and became the legend that he is.