Top 10 Indian Test Cricketers of all time

Test cricket is most important and highest standard cricket format which is played between two test status team given by ICC. Total four innings are played in a test match which may last up to five days. The first test match was played on 15 March 1877 between England and Australia at the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG). Many Indian cricketers are today also known for their test innings. Here is the list of Top 10 Indian Test Cricketers of all time.

Top 10 Indian Test Players of all time

10. Javagal Srinath


Test career: 1978-2002

The person who was a complete team member. He could do anything for his team and that he did. Won them matches. Srinath was a lightning pacer of his time. He has been in the times when the greats like the Waugh brothers and the Pontings played, but he had been able to set himself as a lethal bowler in all the formats, test cricket in particular.

9. Kapil Dev

kapil dev

Test career: 1978 – 1994

An All-rounder that you can bank on! And yes, that is exactly what everyone did and with the same, he did help the nation lift the world cup in the year 1983. His batting and bowling skills have helped India out do many opponents and in his era, he has been one of the best captains worldwide. He is one of the best Indian Test Cricketers of all time.

8. Mohammed Azharuddin


Test career: 1984-2000

Azharuddin was a great test batsman during his years. He made his entry in test cricket by scoring three consecutive hundreds against England in his first three Tests. He was the complete test cricketer.

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7. Sourav Ganguly


Test career: 1996-2008

The Bengal Tiger of the 90’s and early 2000’s he has been a phenomenal batsman. Apart from being the most successful test captain of India, he has some of the most freaking records to his name. Sourav Ganguly took the game to a whole new level. He owned the off side and he ruled the heart of his teammates and the nation.

6. Anil Kumble


The star of the nation when it came to spin bowling. He holds tons of records to his name and they would all show the dominance that this spinner had over the opponents. His line and length and the consistency with which he bowled the same, made him one of the most prominent cricketers, not only in India but in the entire world.

5. Virendra Sehwag


Test career: 2001-2013

The only Indian player to have scored 300 international runs in a single match. That too not once but twice and both the time he did it in style. The performance of the athlete has been phenomenal and people have loved him throughout his career. He has been one of the most phenomenal destructors of the opposition’s bowling and fielding. There is no doubt that he is one of the best Indian Test Cricketers of all time.

4. VVS Lakshman

vvs laxman

Test career: 1996-2012

You think that flicks and wrist works are too tough for the Indians? Watch this legend play. The skill that he has along with the kind of talent and to top it all the humble nature, he has it all that it takes to become a player of a kind. He loves the game and the game loves him. VVS is on 3rd spot in the list of top 10 Indian Test Cricketers of all time.

3. Suniel Gavaskar

sunny gavskar

Test career: 1971-1987

Well respected and loved by the cricket loving people of the nation, Gavaskar is among the best to have ever played the game. Although its years that the legend has played but the skill and talent of this guy would always remain an inspiration to all of us. He is still the idol for many young talents.

2. Rahul Dravid

Rahul Dravid

Test career: 1996-2012

When you have a whole day to play the game, and you would have to choose one player, who can do it all the way, you would surely upvote for this guy. He has played the game with passion and determination. His skills are something that has been showcased as one of the best players to have ever been part of the team.

1. Sachin Tendulkar

Sachin Tendulkar

Test career: 1989-2013

Has there ever been a list of batsmen prepared, where Indian cricketers were allowed and Sachin did not top it? Well, you really can’t help. If someone of his class is playing the game there is probably no chance that anyone else would ever come up with something better than him. Sachin Tendulkar is the best Indian Test Cricketers of all time.

Note: These are the top 10 Indian Cricketers batsmen in my opinion. You can also share your opinion in the comment section below.