Top 10 Most Popular Sports in The World

We have created the list of Top 10 Most Popular Sports in The World. We have ranked the sports in the list base on television viewership numbers and global audiences. Various kinds of sports are played all over the world by different kinds of peoples and it is one of the medium of entertainment for the people. Now let’s move forward to see world’s top 10 most popular sports.

10.  Golf


Golf is 10th ranked sport globally has around 395 Million fans all over the world. It has the major viewership from the US, Canada, Europe. It is the kind of game where a player has to put a ball in the holes in few number of strokes on a golf course. There are various Golf clubs all over the world. And it’s one of the classy sport in the world. American Golf Star, Tiger Woods was only the world known popular player of golf but now the sport has got some more players who are spreading this game.

9. American Football

American football is most followed sport in USA

America football is most popular sport in the USA. This most loved sport played by two teams which have the eleven players each. It is played on 120 yards long 50 yards wide rectangular ground. This sport mainly famous in the US where it has 410 Million fans in the US only.

8. Rugby

Rugby World Cup Sevens 2018

Rugby is one of the most popular sports in the world especially. It is mostly played in United Kindom, Australia, New Zealand and South africa where the game has large number of followers. It’s a hardcore sports which involve some dangerous moves like tackling, spears. It’s one of the brutal sport which has 410 Million fans all over the world.

7. Table Tennis


It has 900 million fans from all over the world but Asian countries like China, Indonesia, Malaysia and India has more interest which makes Table Tennis 7th most popular sports in the world.

Table Tennis is the sport where two or four players smashes lightweight ball which known as ping pong ball by using table tennis rackets. It is mostly famous in Asia, Europe, Africa, America etc.

6. Baseball


Baseball has the 900 Million plus fans but it is mostly played in the USA and Japan. MLB of US and Nippon League of Japan are biggest pro league. It is bat & ball game where two teams which consist of nine players and each team play one by one. A run is scored when a player advances towards next three bases and when he finally reaches to the home plate.

5. Tennis


Tennis is world’s most watched and played game. And it has more than 1 billion viewers all over the world and it’s mostly played in the America, Asia, Europe.Tenis played between singles and Doubles and mixed doubles. and it’s played on three different turfs.

4. Hockey


Hockey has the 2.2 Billion viewers all over the world which makes it 4th most popular sports in the world. There are two versions of Hockey – Ice hockey and field hockey. It is major sport in India, Pakistan and also in Australia, Malaysia, Holland, Germany, England and South Africa. This sport played by two teams where they are trying to score goal against each other by putting the ball into opponents goal post.

3. Basketball


Basketball is the 3rd most famous sport in the world with over 2 billion followers worldwide. It’s a major sport in USA and fairly popular in Spain, Greece, Turkey, Italy, France, Argentina, India and China. It is one of the fastest growing sport in the world.

Basketball played by two teams where objective in this game is to throw the ball in hoop which is mounted on the backboard on both ends.

2. Cricket

cricket is the 2nd most followed sports in the world

Cricket has 3 billion plus followers which makes it one of the most popular sport in the world. It is major sports in India, Pakistan, England, Bangladesh, Australia, New Zealand, Carribeans and South Africa.

It is one of the most watched and loved sport in the world. The game huge number cricket fans in Asia, UK and Australia. Cricket has three format Test, One day, and T20. The game shortest format, T20 is growing rapidly in non-playing countries.

Cricket World Cup is the third most watched sports tournament in the world just behind FIFA World Cup and Rugby World Cup.

1. Soccer

Football is the Most Popular Sports in the World

There is no doubt that Soccer is the world’s first  most watched and played sport. It has more than 4 billion followers across world which makes it most popular sport in the world. Football is played by all major countries in the world including all European nations but in South America, football is above the game. FIFA World Cup is the most watched sports tournamnet in the world.

Soccer is played by two teams for 90 minutes on the rectangular field in soccer players has to put the ball in goal post. Apart from goalkeeper all other players not allowed to touch the ball with their hands and he is the one who blocks the ball from when opponent tried to put the ball inside the goal post.