Dwayne Johnson ‘The Rock’ Net Worth 2017

            The Rock Net Worth: $128 Million

Age 44
Income Source Movies, WWE (Wrestling)
2015-2016 Earnings $ 64.5 Million
Residence Miami, FL
Citizenship The United States

The Rock Net Worth

Dwayne Johnson ‘The Rock’ is the wrestler turn actor from WWE who is also known as the most Electrifying man in the WWE history. He has the most number of fan following in the world. This Hollywood superstar is world’s 2nd richest WWE wrestlers in the world. He is not only a highest paid wrestler but also the highest-paid actor in the world. Dwayne Johnson ‘The Rock net worth is estimated around $128 Million.

He did movies like Hercules, Fast and Furious 7, San Andreas, Scorpion king and he was the part of these blockbuster films and also through special appearances in WWE he earns a lot of money.

He was the mega star of the WWE Attitude Era back in 1999 to 2003 but later he left the company and went to the Hollywood industry. In the debut movie The Mummy Returns, he played as the villain but he already has done some movies in the past but the ‘The Scorpion King’ was the turning point of his life after that he never look back and started his journey with a huge hike.

In The year 2016 his net worth estimates around $128 Million he also makes it to the Forbes Top 20 Highest Paid Celebrity. Let’s take a look at how much he earns and from where?

Last Five Years Earnings

Year Total Earning
2012 $ 36 Million
2103 $ 44 Million
2014 $ 52 Million
2015 $ 31.5 Million
2016 $ 64.5 Million

Acting Career

Total 34 films he did in his acting career among that films 15 of them were major hit his Fast and Furious franchise and top leading movie of 2015’s “San Andreas” earned $ 473 Million. He was also starred in Central Intelligence which was highest grossed comedy movie of 2016 this movie earned around $ 210 Million. He also owns one production house which is Seven Bucks Production, which has produced his first television show Ballers also several other upcoming films such as San Andreas 2, Baywatch and Doc Savage. He bagged $ 32.6 Million for Fast and Five roles.

Wrestling Career

He still the big name in the WWE attitude era belongs to him because fans were crazy for him at that time and because of his unique persona and style led him into the film industry. But right now also he earns money from the WWE he has a part-time contract with WWE and he earned $ 3.5 to 4.5 Million through that contract annually. He does special appearances in WWE events like WrestleMania, Royal Rumble and sometimes also on live shows.

He owns his own Air Jet also purchased $ 4.5 Million mansion at Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and Owns a farm in Charlottesville, Virginia.He also becomes a partner with Under Armour which produces goods like bags, fitness types of equipment and which also have The Rock signature and his ‘Brahma Bull’ logo this project known as the “Project rock”.

He lives his life king size and deserves that lifestyle because of his hard work and dedication. The Rock net worth is $128 Million which makes him one of the richest WWE superstars in the world.