Revealed: All Premier League Kits Deal Values

All Premier League Kits Deals Values are revealed! As you all know the biggest source of income of Premier League from TV rights deal but kits maker and sponsorship deals continue to be a vital revenue stream. From many years, Nike and Adidas dominated the  Premier League clubs kit contract but in the recent years a few other brands has also entered in the most marketable football league.

Premier League Kits Deals

Lets take a look all premier league clubs current kit suppliers deals. From all of them Manchester United’s Adidas kit contracts is the biggest contract with £75m a year.  MU also have most expensive shirt sponsorship with car company Chevrolet where they are paid around £53 million a year.

This all makes Manchester United kit as the most valuable not only in Premier League but also in the world. Here are the all Premier League teams based on the combined worth of these contracts.

Premier League Kits Deals

1 MANCHESTER UNITED £75m (Adidas) £53m (Chevrolet) £128m
2 CHELSEA  £30m  (Adidas) £40m (Yokohama) £70m
3 ARSENAL £30m (Puma) £30m (Emirates) £60m
4 LIVERPOOL £28m (New Balance) £25m (Standard Chartered) £53m
5 MAN CITY £12m (Nike) £40m (Etihad) including stadium naming rights £52m
6 TOTTENHAM £10m (Under-Armour) £16m (AIA) £26m
7 EVERTON £6m (Umbro) £5.3m (Chang Beer) £11.3m
8 NEWCASTLE £5m (Puma) £6m (Wonga) £11m
9 WEST HAM £4m (Umbro) £5.7m (BetWay) £9.7m
10 SUNDERLAND £4m (Adidas) £5m (Dafabet) £9m
11 ASTON VILLA £3.75m (Macron) £5m (QuickBooks) £8.75m
12 SWANSEA CITY £2m (Adidas) £4m (GWFX) £6m
13 STOKE CITY £2.5m (New Balance) £3m (Bet365) £5.5m
14 SOUTHAMPTON £4m (Adidas) £1m (Veho) £5m
15 WEST BROM £2m (Adidas) £1.2m (TLCBET) £3.2m
18 WATFORD £1m (puma) £1.4m ( £2.4m
20 NORWICH CITY £1.2m (Errea) £1m (Aviva) £2.2m
16 LEICESTER £1m (puma) £1m (King Power) £2m
17 CRYSTAL PALCE £1m (Macron) £750,000 (Mansion Group) £1.75
19 BOURNMOUTH £800,000 (JD Sports) £750,000 (Mansion Group) £1.55m