Virat Kohli Net Worth 2017

                                                      Virat Kohli Net Worth: $46 Million

Age 28
Income Source Cricket, Investments
2015 Earnings $11.3 million
Endorsement Deals Adidas, NRF, Cinthol, Boost, Fastrack, TVS Motors, Royal Challenge, Toyota Motors
Endorsement Earnings $24.5 million

Virat Kohli Net Worth

Virat Kohli the India’s sensational cricketing star has been dominating the cricket with his bat from last few years. He is currently the vice-captain of the ODI and skipper of the Indian test team and running the team successfully. He has been top form in all format from past couple of year. In 2016, he was awarded as the highest paid cricketer and earned around $ 25 Million ( 150 Crores Rupees). He is one of the richest cricketers in the world and Virat Kohli net worth is a total of $46 Million (₹300 Crores) which is increasing rapidly.

In the cricket field, Virat achieved so many feats in his short career and now his name became a brand in the sports industry. He is a second most player who gets high salary annually. Virat endorses many big companies brands plus owns his own clothing brand WRONG. All these makes him one of the highest-earning youngster in India and all over the cricket world.

Virat Kohli is one of the Grade A players in the BCCI contract list and BCCI pays him 1 crore annually and gets match gets 5 lakhs for test match while for ODI 3 lakhs and for the T20 1.5 lakhs. He has been a brand ambassador for various brands but till Adidas paid him around 10 crores for the endorsement. A top company like MRF signed him in five years contract for bat sticker and he charged them around 6.5 crores.

There are another few companies like Fastrack, Cinthol, and Nestle Munch which he endorses and charged them around 5 crores each. Boost has been the top brand who is always revolving around the cricketers right now MS Dhoni and Virat Kohli both endorses for the Boost they paid them around 3 to 4 crore. Virat Kohli is just behind Dhoni in terms of endorsements earnings.

As we know Kohli is a fitness freak and one of the fittest player in the team India. So now he is not only cricketer but also an entrepreneur of the gym. He is investing around 90 Crore to set up gyms all over in India and the brand name is Chisel. His aim is to launch 75 centers in three years and for that around 190 crores is going to invest by Kohli and his partner Satya Sinha

He has been the top player for Indian cricket team He scored his first One Day International century in 2009, where he scored 224 runs of partnership with Gautam Gambhir that increased his income from that time and still it’s going increasing here is the list of his last five years salary.

Virat Kohli Income From The Salary 

2012 $5.8 Million
2013 $5.6 Million
2014 $6.3 Million
2015 $6.7 Million
2016 $9.7 Million

Virat has achieved some remarkable feats in his career that it is difficult for his age cricketers. He scored 25 centuries in his short career. Kohli plays his game aggressively and bares his emotions clearly and loudly in public yet he retains the element of maturity in his persona and that makes him a composed and explosive cricketer. He is one of the star batsmen of Indian cricket team and Virat Kohli net worth is expected to increase in the upcoming years.

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