WWE Wrestlers Salaries 2018: Who is the Highest Paid Wrestler?

WWE Wrestlers Salaries & Contracts 2018: Find who is the highest paid & earning wrestlers plus check the salaries of WWE stars like The Rock, Jhon Cena, etc. WWE wrestlers have to sign up a long-term contract with WWE, based on the experience, popularity, and potential. The contracts are can be from minimum 1 year to 10 year period. WWE contract wrestlers get the basic yearly salary from the company along with bonuses and traveling allowances. Here is the complete information about WWE wrestlers salaries and their contracts for the year 2017.

Big superstars like John Cena, Undertaker and much more gets a lot of money from PPV revenue share than the other wrestlers. As WWE kept the PPV income information secret, So we will only be taking a look at how WWE compensate their stars in basic salary and other clauses.

WWE Wrestlers Salaries

Let’s start with WWE executives and people who manage it.

  1. Paul Levesque “Triple H” (vice president live events & talent): $1.1 million (basic salary) + $1.65 million (yearly talent contract) + WWE match appearance.
  2. Vince McMahon ( CEO ) Salary: $2.4 million (highest paid
  3. George Barrios (Financial and Strategic Officer): $800,000
  4. Kevin Dunn (Producer): $800,000
  5. Michael Luisi (WWE Studios President ): $700,000

WWE wrestlers salaries + Bonuses:

Every WWE wrestler who signs a contract with WWE included a number of years, basic salary plus bonuses and some other clauses concerning factors like a release, retirement, injury layouts etc. The basic yearly salary is the downside guarantee payments, bonuses, and merchandise shares.

Who is the Highest Paid WWE Wrestler?

The highest paid wrestler in WWE is John Cena who makes around $3.5 million a year plus a portion of merchandise sales and PPV revenue share. He is one of the most popular stars in WWE currently.

WWE Wrestlers Salaries 2018

STAR ANNUAL SALARY Bonuses & Royalties Contract
John Cena $2.75 Million 7% on merchandise sales, plus hafty PPV revenue share make his actual earnings way more 7 year deal signed in 2015
Tripple H $2,12 million Also acts as WWE executive and talent contract. Unique 20 Year deal
Brock Lesner $3 Million 3.25% bonus for high merchandise sales, Free Travel, PPV revenue share (3 Years) Contract extension signed in 2016
Undertaker $1.75 Million 7% bonus for high merchandise sales, Travel & Accommodation, PPV revenue share if featured on a main event 5 Years (Part-Time)
Randy Orton $1,6 million % Merchandise sales, travel and accommodation, PPV share 5 Years
Sheamus  $1.3 million travel & accommodation 5 Years
Big Show $1.2 million Personal tour bus from WWE 3 Years
Dolph Ziggler $900,000 Travel & Accommodation 3 Year
Ray Mysterio  $985,00 4% bonus for high merchandise sales, travel & Accommodation 5 Years
Rusev $725,000 3 Years
Danial Bryan $700,000 5 Years
Mark Henry $877,000 3 Years
Goldust $725,000 3 Years
Titus O’Niel $335,050 2 Years
Stardust $245,000 2 years
Seth Rollins  $310,500 3 Years
Roman Reigns  $245,000 2 Years
R-Truth $244,000 3 Years
Ryback  $655,500 2 Years
Chris Jericho $974,000 2 Years
Sin Cara $245,000 2 Years
Adam Rose $165,000 2 Years
Bo Dallas $165,000 2 Years
Big E $145,000 2 Years
Bad News Barrett $445,000 3 Years
Bray Wyatt $254,200 3 Years
Bryan Saxton $170,000 3 Years
Cesaro $80,145 1 Year
Christian $595,000 3 Years
Curtis Axel $75,000 2 Years
Damien Mizdow $100,000 2 Years
Darren Young $80,145
David Otunga $75,000
Dean Ambrose $80,145
Diego $75,000
Eric Rowan  $80,145
Fandango Starting Package
Fernando Starting Package
Heath Slater Starting Package
Hunico Starting Package
Jack Swagger $275,000
Jey USO $255,000
Jimmy USO $255,000
Justin Gabriel Starting Package
Kofi Kingston $354,200
Konnor Starting Package
Luke Harper Starting Package
The Miz $712,000
Xavier Woods Starting Package
Zack Ryder $535,050 3 year
Viktor Starting Package

WWE Female Wrestlers Salaries 2017

Wrestlers ANNUAL SALARY Bonuses & Royalties Contract
Bayley $200,000 3 year contract (full time)
Charlotte Flair $300,000 3 Year contract (Full-time)
Alicia Fox $90,000 1 Year (automatic renewal)
Dana Brooke $90,500 1 Year (Roling contract)
Emma $75,500 1 Year (Roling contract)
Nia Jax $109,475 1 Year (Roling contract)
Paige $86,450 1 Year (Roling contract)
Sasha Banks 1 Year (Roling contract)
Summer Rae $120,500 1 Year (Roling contract)