Brett Lee reveals he has fear of heights

Do you know Brett Lee have the Height phobia ? Brett Lee this name is enough to any batsman to get scared. He dominated the world of cricket by his furious bowling and speed. All the batsman used to scare to face Brett Lee. He used to bowl with 150 Kms speed and how can we forget that fastest bowl he bowled 160.1 Kms. With this mind bobbling speed his accuracy in the pitching bowl and maintaining the length of the bowl was an awesome thing.

Although, Brett is the multitalented guy as we all know how good guitarist he is and singer too. But he can also play musical instruments like mouth organ and Piano and he also showed his acting skills through his recent released movie “UnIndian”.


Do you know Brett Lee scares from the heights ? However, Brett Lee who used to create phobia in all batsman mind has the heights phobia. During his interview with the Deccan Chronicle, he opened up about his fears and many more interesting things.

“Heights. I have been trying hard to overcome that fear, but I don’t know why I am not able to.”

Whereas he also recalled his all old memories where he told everything about how he started his cricket journey and who was supporting him and what was his bad experience during his cricketing career.

“Playing backyard cricket with my elder brother Shane Lee. It was Shane who always set the rules and my mom had to intervene time and again to settle issues. My elder brother, Shane, and I walking out to play our first international match together at the MCG. It was against India in 2000 and was only my second ODI.”

He also revealed  about who made inspired him to play cricket and bowl so fast and furiously. Lee Said  “Allan Donald. The South African inspired me to run in and bowl as fast as I could.”