Rio Olympics: Egyptian Judoka send back home for Refusing to shake hands with the Israel opponent.

egyptInternational Olympic Committee send back Egyptian Judoka home for a Handshake refusal

After any game, it’s courtesy to shake hands with the opponent player. Strangely, when the Israeli Judoka Or Sasson defeated his Egyptian opponent in the Judo fight in the Rio Olympics, Egyptian athlete Islam El Shehaby refused to shake hands.

Soon after the incident, the IOC took impulsive disciplined action and sent El Shehaby back home.

The Israeli athlete defeated his Egyptian opponent with two throws with around 90 seconds remaining in the fight.

After the game was over Sasson offered his hand to Shehaby but the Egyptian shook his head and backed away.

Even after the referee called back the Egyptian athlete to bow, Shehaby gave a quick nod and walked away.

Why Refusal for a sporting Handshake ? And What’s Offensive?

As per reports from Reuters, the International Olympic Committee said that shaking hands with opponents is not a part of the Judo rules but the way Shehaby reacted after the loss was against the Olympics’ “rules of fair play” and “spirit of friendship”

The IOC stated, “The Egyptian Olympic Committee has also strongly condemned the actions of Mr. Islam El Shehaby and has sent him home.

It further stated, “The President of the National Olympic Committee issued a statement saying they respected all athletes and all nations at the Olympic Games.

As per reports, the Disciplinary Commission considered the behaviour to be against the rules of fair play.

The commission has further asked the Egyptian Olympic Committee to ensure their athletes receive enough education regarding the Olympic values before participating in the game.

The 32-year Egyptian judoka who went on to win bronze in the 100 kg category has some racist beliefs on the Jews.

He was pressurised by his followers on social media and was told that playing against an Israeli would shame Islam.