173 Special Olympic Medals for India that Nobody talks about

The Special Olympics also known as the Paralympics is a Sporting event for children and adult with physical disabilities. More than 5.3 million special athletes participated worldwide and went through training programmes prior to the competition. Around 6,500 Special Olympics athletes from 165 nations were the part of the 2015 Special Olympics, Los Angeles. The Special Olympics World Games are held every two odd years. What a passionate atmosphere graced for a whole week of the Special Olympic games beginning from 25th July by Michelle Obama and ended on 2nd August 2015 with a Closing ceremony.


Did you know?

  • Intellectually Disabled athletes with limitations in cognitive functioning and lack of human skills, including communication and thinking ability shocked the world with their attitude and approach.
  • In the Previous 2013, Special Olympics with 236 Special athletes participated, The latest 2015 edition had 275 Special athletes and coaches in 14 Discipline.
  • India won 156 medals—56 gold, 48 silver and 52 bronze—in the previous edition of the games, held in Athens, Greece, in 2011.
  • India holds a record 173 medals at the 2015 Special Olympics edition at Vegas. including 47 Gold, 54 Silver and 72 Bronze have been won by our athletes.
  • Shri Ranvir Singh Saini created history by becoming the first Indian Golfer to won a gold medal in the Games.
  • Athlete Rajvir Singh, the son of a common labourer from Punjab, who won two gold medals in cycling events. And Kushal Resam from Goa, who won two golds and a bronze in roller skating.
  • Prime Minister Narendra Modi congratulated these Special Indian athletes as ‘@LA2015 @SpecialOlympics are truly gladdening. They are India’s pride”.


 Dear Shobhaa De, I Wonder Did you know any of the Above facts.

Having Physical Disabilities like Fragile X Syndrome, Down Syndrome and Autism Spectrum and still representing the Nation for the Special Olympics games is an achievement in itself.

Here we present you the complete Medal tally of our Special Indian athletes in Different Sports category.

Special Indian Athletes Medal tally at the Special Olympics 2015

Discipline Gold Silver Bronze Total
Aquatics 2 2 3 7
Athletics 17 14 16 47
Badminton 5 2 3 10
Cycling 6 9 8 23
Golf 2 2
Powerlifting 2 6 24 32
Roller-skating 10 17 12 39
Table Tennis 2 3 1 6
Team Events
Basketball 2 2
Football (Unified 7 a side) 1 1
Softball 1 1
Volleyball 2 2
Handball 1 1
Total 47 54 72 17