Score Every Penalty in FIFA 17 with a 100% Accurate Way

No sport catches the imagination as much as Football does. The fan following of the sport has propelled various game makers to make video games based on football and EA Sports has come out all triumphant. It’s FIFA series is played by every football enthusiast and with the advent of new technologies, it is fast becoming more and more realistic version of the original game. So in it’s the latest version FIFA’17 has come out with a host of changes to make FIFA all the more exciting.

The new game has new things for the players. The set pieces have become more exciting with now the players can strike the ball at the exact position and also control the spin and swing in the ball. The players can now time their run and their run up at the penalty.

You might be a master in FIFA but you cannot score every penalty you take in the game. However, here is a 100% accurate way to score every penalty in FIFA 17.

So you FIFA lovers, read the following to score a perfect penalty and never miss from the spot. So the first step is to decide the starting position.Take your stance. This can be done by the right stick.To lengthen the run-up, take the right stick backwards.

Then take an aim and it would be preferable if you aim at the right corner. And to do this tilt the left stick in the required direction and to for power and elevation use B or circle. Now chip the ball into the net with two-and-a-half bars of power. You are now a professional spot kicker.