Wimbledon 2017 Tickets: How to buy tickets, sale dates and prices

Wimbledon is one of the most followed tennis grand slams in the world. Wimbledon 2017 is just one month away and it becomes difficult for fans to buy tickets. The players are putting lots of effort in order to lift the trophy this time. The defending champion Andy Murray will look to perform well and retain the trophy this year also. While the other players like Federer, Nadal, Novak would try to add one more trophy to their kitty. Here’s all you need to know to buy Wimbledon 2017 tickets.

But, whoever will be the winner one thing is for sure that the spectators would get the chance to view one of the best matches this season. So, get your tickets quickly if you want to witness the best matches in tennis.

Wimbledon 2017 Tickets

Wimbledon tennis championship has a rich history of many great players winning this prestigious tournament. Currently, Roger Federer holds the record for most number of title wins, with 7 trophies. The Wimbledon is also known for many great historic matches between the some of the top players. It’s not about just winning the tournament, it’s the hunger, passion, desire, emotion that comes along with the win. This year also, Wimbledon will see many great players fighting for the title.

The Wimbledon 2017 is scheduled to place take from 3rd July to 16th July. The popularity of Wimbledon has been increasing each year. There has been a sharp increase in the viewers. and the organizers are expecting a large number of crowd this year too. Here are four ways to get your Wimbledon 2017 tickets.

How to get Wimbledon 2017 Tickets

  1. Ticketmaster
  2. Queuing
  3. Hospitality packages
  4. Ballot

How to buy Wimbledon 2017 Tickets

1. Buying Wimbledon tickets via Ticketmaster

The simple way to get Wimbledon 2017 tickets is to buy them from online ticketing website Ticketmaster. You can buy the ticket from the Ticketmaster each day before the game. There also several secondary ticketing sites are like GeTMelN, Viagogo and StubHub who re-sale tickets for sold-out matches for the fans who miss the tickets.

2. Queuing on each day

On each day of the tournament, the tickets to this year’s championships will go on sale at All England Lawn Tennis club. Tickets on the day are available for Centre Court, No. 1 Court and No. 2 Court while the last four days of the tournament which includes semi-finals and final, the tickets will all be sold in advance. One could get the hand on the ticket from there but watch out as there are limited numbers of tickets.

3. Hospitality packages

There are two official tour operators of Wimbledon, Keith Prowse and Sportsworld. One could get the tickets from these operators also. Sportsworld offer packages for UK, Asian and Australian fans while Keith Prowse offer for UK, European and American visitors.

4. Ballot

One could get the tickets from the ballots but unfortunately, the ballot is already over. If you already get then you will be informed by post between February and June 2017 and your Wimbledon 2017 tickets will be dispatched between May to June.

How much do Wimbledon 2017 Tickets costs?

Tickets price for Wimbledon 2017 range from £25 for ground admission to £56, £73, £112, £135, £155, £190 for a Centre Court seat. Here is complete price table of Wimbledon 2017 tickets.

DAY 1 MONDAY 3 JULY £56 £45 £41 £41 £25
DAY 2 TUESDAY 4 JULY £56 £45 £41 £41 £25
DAY 3 WEDNESDAY 5 JULY £73 £57 £49 £49 £25
DAY 4 THURSDAY 6 JULY £73 £57 £49 £49 £25
DAY 5 FRIDAY 7 JULY £95 £74 £62 £62 £25
DAY 6 SATURDAY 8 JULY £95 £74 £62 £62 £25
DAY 7 MONDAY 10 JULY £112 £82 £68 £68 £25
DAY 8 TUESDAY 11 JULY £112 £82 £42 £20
DAY 9 WEDNESDAY 12 JULY £135 £98 £38 £20
DAY 10 THURSDAY 13 JULY £135 £58 £20
DAY 11 FRIDAY 14 JULY £155 £37 £15
DAY 12 SATURDAY 15 JULY £155 £34 £15
DAY 13 SUNDAY 16 JULY £190 £29 £8

All the matches of the Wimbledon will be played at All England Lawn Tennis Club and the Croquet Club. So, get your hands on these tickets as soon as possible and get to enjoy the real passion, emotion of the matches.