Top 5 Best Finishing Moves in WWE History

In WWE you will get numerous high flying, risk taking, and breathtaking finishing moves by the superstars. It takes the immense pressure and physical strength to perform these extraordinary finishing moves. Some finishing moves caused several deaths in the past. Because of that, so many finishing moves got banned by the WWE. Let’s take a look at top 5 Best Finishing Moves in WWE History.


But there are some top finishing moves which still used by the existing WWE superstar. There are some moves they are just invincible and brutal.

Best Finishing Moves in WWE History

5. Pedigree

The pedigree which is owned by the COO of the company and former WWE Champion Triple H and recently Seth Rollins started using this finishing move. Pedigree is one of the best finishing moves in WWE you basically land on your opponent head and body by holding between legs and land your opponent on the floor with head on the bottom of  legs.

4. Attitude Adjustment

This is the trademark of the John Cena which gives along with the five “Knuckle Shuffle” and this the biggest arch which John have in his arsenal. In the Attitude Adjustment, you pick up your opponent on your shoulder and toss him over the ground. That may break someone spine definitely. It’s most painful finishing move in the WWE.

3. RKO

RKO is the most devastating move ever that just break your face and neck painfully. The Apex Predator Randy Orton uses this modified version of the Stunner. RKO from nowhere his line we usually heard during WWE programming. However, This the  way to give your opponent RKO grab your opponent by the neck and drop his head right on the ground. It really hurts when your face first hits so hard on floors

2. F-5

Brock Lesnar is the Beast and Conquer in all terms by physique, strength, and his wrestling moves are really very dangerous.Whereas F-5 originated by the Brock this is most devasting and painful attack in the WWE history. Brock Lesnar helicopters his opponent in the mid air and opponent land both body and head.

1. Tombstone Piledrive

This attack may be get banned by the WWE but The Demon Kane and The Deadman Undertaker uses the safer version of the Tombstone. However, This attack can break anyone neck brutally this is one of the deadliest attacks ever in the WWE history. Whereas, Undertaker won his 80% of the matches by this finishing move.