WWE RAW Results 10/24/16: Live Results, Winners List & Highlights Video

WWE RAW Live results with highlights videos and fight winners list of 24th October 2016 are placed below. 10/24/16 Monday night RAW was all about Hell in a Cell and Goldberg-Lesnar storyline. The main highlight was Women’s Championship Hell In A Cell match and Brock Lesnar’s return. There was also a triple threat main-event between Owens, Rollins and Jericho. Let’s see the complete highlights video and fight results of  WWE RAW.

Enzo Amore vs Karl Anderson

Result: Enzo Amore defeated Karl Anderson

Cesaro and Sheamus vs Kofi Kingston and Big E

Result: Cesaro and Sheamus defeated The New Day

Dana Brooke vs Bayley Arm Wrestling Match

Curtis Axel vs Bo Dallas

Result: Bo Dallas defeated Curtis Axel

The Golden Truth vs The Shining Stars

Result: The Golden Truth defeated The Shining Stars

Rich Swann vs Brian Kendrick

Result: Rich Swann defeated Brian Kendrick

Braun Strowman vs Sami Zayn

Result: Zayn won the match

Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman address Goldberg

Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman address Goldberg’s challenge and said that all the chants in the world won’t be able to glue Golberg back together again after Brock was done with him.

Kevin Owens vs Seth Rollins vs Chris Jericho

Result: Seth Rollins defeated Chris Jericho and Kevin Owens

It was an exciting RAW as Goldberg just accepts the Challenge of Paul Heyman saying ‘’ Maybe there is one Ass kicking Left in Me’’. As of now the Beast Brock Lesnar to probably respond to Bill Goldberg and would return to the Monday Night Raw live from Minneapolis as on 24/10/2016. It is exciting and we can probably see a Goldberg and Brock Lesnar confrontation in the Ring.

Also interesting to see how Lesnar responds. Apart from this epic clash of legends lets take a look at what Matches are lined up for 24/10/2016 Monday Night Raw Live from Minneapolis and a week away from the Upcoming Hell in a Cell Main event.

WWE Monday Night RAW Results

5 Sami Zayn confronts Strowman

Past week on the Monday Night Raw Strowman defeated the three kids hammering them in the handicapped Match. While Samy Zayn returns to confront the Mega man in the ring. However, the audience roared for Zayn but a shove from Stowman threw him out of the Ring although he was back in the ring after that. Its a matter of fact that after joining the WWE, the Giant German wrestler Braun Strowman is on a winning Streak. And an underdog Sami Zayn challenging him can be a huge storyline if he takes down the mighty Strowman.

4 Sasha Banks and Charlotte Faceoff

Both Sasha Banks and Charlotte are going to face each other in Raw’s Main event Hell in a Cell 2016 just after a week  from Monday Night Raw 24/10/2016. In an interview with the Former WWE Diva Lita, last week on Raw Sasha Banks and Charlotte hype their upcoming showdown for Hell in a Cell. WWE to probably publish an exciting storyline the ‘big match’ in the Women’s wrestling division can be easily predicted.

3 Brock Lesnar to Respond Goldberg

Brock Lesnar will be back on Monday Night Raw live from Minneapolis to proceed things further from here. A legendary confrontation of Goldberg and Lesnar to its toll as Goldberg returns to the WWE Universe after 12 long years. The powerful jackhammers and spheres are probably missed by the Fans across the Globe. However as Brock steps in the Ring tonight for some talking i think we can see some action too. We all know Bill Goldberg is hungry after all.

2 Can Roman Reigns reply Rusev

Past week the Russian wrestler Rusev assaulted the WWE United States Champion Roman Reigns stepped in the Ring to challenge him. Dominating by the Russian Giant Reigns was grounded by Rusev’s demolition. Moreover, the day ended Rusev giving submission to Reigns on the steel steps which looked horrible and painful. As we know Reigns, the superman Samoan won’t be quite and respond to Rusev in his own way.

1 Kevin Owen’s Title in line.

Just before Raw’s Hell in a Cell PPV, Kevin Owens need to prove himself as he has to defend his title in a triple threat Match tonight against Chris Jericho and Seth Rolins for further proceedings as decided by Mick Foley. Now it is interesting to see whether Chris Jericho would fight as per keeping the Friendship in mind.Or taking his back on his partner Owens. Whether we can see 2 on one Match as both Owens and Jericho can punish Seth Rollins in the Ring. Everyone would be anxious about this Raw Main event of the evening.

Stay tuned with us for the WWE RAW results from 24th October 2016 live from the Minneapolis. Here we will place fights video highlights and list of winners name of the Monday night RAW.