WWE SmackDown Results 10/25/16: Fight Winners List & Highlights Video

WWE SmackDown Live results with highlights videos and fight winners list of 25th October 2016 updated live from Resch Center Arena Green bay, WI, USA. Just a week before the Hell In a Cell, SmackDown is about to host interesting matches and some exciting face off confrontations can be seen as Tuesday nights don’t go easier nowadays. James Ellsworth has stood to stardom thanks to Dean Ambrose supporting him and taunting John Cena that Ellsworth has defeated styles more than John Cena. He has turned into a sensation due to this, but there are other things to be worried about this week.

Let us take a look at the WWE SmackDown highlights video.

5 Becky Lynch returns on WWE SmackDown

As the whole world watched injury forced Becky out of her Title opportunity Match against Alexa Bliss at No Mercy. However, WWE did not make Becky drop the title, she was out of action for a few weeks before recently returning at a live event. Becky is expected to make her SmackDown return this Tuesday night and will resume her feud with Alexa.Becky gets the title match against Alexa which is scheduled for the 8th November edition of Smackdown in Glasgow, UK.

Nikki Bella vs. Natalya

Carmella has all her hands on Nikki Bella and shcocked the WWE Universe by taking Bella’s personal life to a whole different level last week. The promo that she delivered on the relationship between Nikki and John Cena made people talk and the feud is all of a sudden under the limelight due to this.However, there were shades of WWE pushing Total Bellas, but then again, Carmella has been projected as the representative of every fan that has a problem with the Bellas.

Heath Slater and Rhyno (c) vs. The Spirit Squad

The Miz and the Ziggler storyline to be continued, as the strong relationship between Miz and Maryse with Maryse to be the saviour of Miz everytime can be seen this Tuesday Night Smackdown. Whereas, WWE recently tweeted out a tease of breaking up the couple and if that is indeed in the plans, then it would be recommended to keep an eye on the duo this week.

Meanwhile, the Triple Tag team Match between Dolph Ziggler, Heath Slater and Rhyno suffered a defeat at the hands of Miz and Spirit Squad past week. Both Slater and Rhyno to confront Spirit Squad a run for the WWE Tag Team championships.

Kane vs. Bray Wyatt (No Disqualification match)

The Rivalry of Wyatt Family and Randy Orton continues as Kane stands out as the support for the Viper.This week on Tuesday Night WWE SmackDown 25/10/2016, WWE has booked a No-Disqualification match between Kane and Bray Wyatt and it is bound to entertain the fans. Which means Randy Orton and Luke Harper would probably interfere in the middle of the Match since the match has no stipulation. WWE would also sow seeds for the next chapter of this feud during the match making it a must watch segment.

1 AJ Styles defeats Dean Ambrose by Disqualification

Sick of watching the Unerdog James Ellsworth given too much of footage? Although WWE has probably got some exciting soryline with the AJ Styles and Dean Ambrose face off yet again. Whereas you never know John Cena can turn up to Confront both of them agains. However, this match might not be for the championship, but it would determine whether or not Ambrose would be the number one contender or not.

Another face who can get involved in the WWE No 1 contender Match is Baron Corbin who has been getting some momentum lately. A push into the title scene would be a big step up for him. You never know as it also can be a Fatal 4 way Match as well. Styles vs Cena vs Ambrose vs Corbin.