WWE What Happened After RAW Went Off Air on 9/19/2016

Check what happened after WWE RAW went off air on19th September 2016: It was awesome Monday Night RAW show broadcasted live from the FedEx Forum in Memphis. Show kick-started by the Roman Reigns. He wanted to take hands on Rusev because Rusev attacked Reigns on the last RAW and cause lost against Kevin Owens. But RAW GM Mick Foley made some interesting match ups for the Monday Night RAW.

Foley made traditional steel cage match-up for the main event between Kevin Owens and Roman Reign for a non-title match. It was a great match at the end Reign touchdown his feet to the floors before Owens does. When Reigns about celebrate his victory Rusev comes out nowhere and start attacking Reigns.

WWE What Happened After RAW Went Off Air on 9/19/2016

Kevin Owens and Rusev started attacking the Roman Reign turn by turn. But to save his former mate Seth Rollins rush out to the ring and start climbing the cage and jumped on the Kevin and Rusev. At The end when all the cameras went off air both the former members of the Shield stare down each other for a while.

Kevin Owens and Rusev again come to the ring and attack both superstars from behind. Owens started taking on the Rollins and Rusev on Reigns. Owens tries to give Pop-Up Powerbomb to Rollins but converted into the Pedigree. While on other hands Reigns gives Spear to the Rusev and gives victorious Roar at last. Rollins didn’t  wait for the celebration and left the ring.

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