WWE RAW Results (15th August): Brock Lesnar, Rusev, Roman Reign & More

This is the last Monday Night RAW before SummerSlam and all the WWE superstar wants to prove their self and also want to make the statement for their opponents that they are better than them. Below is complete WWE RAW results and highlights videos which take place on Monday night, 15th August 2016.

Monday Night RAW kick started with the US champion Rusev and Lana and they were refusing to leave until Roman Reign Doesn’t apologize to them and then RAW GM Mick Foley decides the RAW main event is gonna be Rusev vs Roman Reign

Sheamus vs Sami Zayn

Throughout the match, Sheamus was dominating Sami when Sheamus all setting up for Brogue Kick Cesaro who was sitting with commentators distracts Sheamus and in that time Sami Zayn gives Helluva Kick for the victory

Winner – Sami Zayn

New Day vs Dudley Boyz

This was short match up because accidently D-Von slams down Bubba ray Dudley and New Day pick up their victory but after the match, Luke Gallow’s and Karl Anderson Appears on the screen and they challenge that they will be new Tag Team Champions on SummerSlam

Winner – New Day

Seth Rollins searching for The Demon King And Neville warns him.

Nia Jax vs Rachel Levey

It was another local competitor against Nia Jax and easily Nia Jax pick up victory against by giving her super slam.

Winner – Nia Jax

Brock Lesnar Takes Heath Slater To The Supplex City

Big Cass vs Kevin Owens

This match was going good when Cass hit Kevin On the floors and Jericho Interrupt the match and Cass win that match by disqulification but Chris Jericho and Kevin Owens beat down Big Cass and send strong message to the Big Cass and Enzo Amore for the SummerSlam

Winner – Big Cass Disqulification

Rusev Attacks Roman Reign Backstage

Titus O’Neil & Darren Young vs The Shinning Stars

Former tag team partners pair up with each other to take on Th Shinning Stars and match was dominated by These former teammates but Darren Young hits Titus by mistakely and Titus fall outside the ring and after that Titus come back to the ring and gives back body drop and Shinning Stars captalized that moment and pick up the victory.

Winner – The Shining Stars

Jinder Mahal vs Neville

It was quick match Neville hit Crocksrew Shooting Star Press and wins the match.

Winner – Neville

Seth Rollins Calls out The Demon King face to face

The Club vs The Golden Truth

Another short match up The Club pick up the victory in quick time with Magic Killer. but after the match New Day comes out and start attacking The Club and make them run away from the ring.

Winner – The Club

Roman Reing vs Rusev

It was physical match and they both are hardcore wrestler as we know Rusev was fighting for his bride Lana’s honour. He attempted to pin down Reign nut he failed and latter he also tried to make Reign tap out in acolde but Reign Crawls down to the ring post and and hit the spear at the end of the match and pick up the victory. and he is also set to take US title on his shoulder.

Winner – Roman Reign