WWE RAW Results (8 August): United State Title Match,Roman Reigns and more

WWE Monday Night RAW Results

WWE Monday Night RAW Live kick-started with last weeks clippings when Randy Orton Invades Brock Lesnar on Monday Night RAW and Brock Lesnar Invades Randy Orton on SmackDown Live. Below is complete WWE RAW results and highlights videos which take place on Monday night, 8th August 2016.

Enzo Amore VS Chris Jericho

RAW started with last week feud between Enzo and Jericho but this time, they both were having ringside Big Cass and Kevin Owens. This match was looking good until the time when Kevin Owens grab Enzo legs and distracts him  while the referee isn’t looking and Jericho give him Codebreaker. Big Cass rushes down to the ring and gives Big Boot right to the face of Jericho and Jericho win the match by Disqualification 

Winner By Disqualification – Chris Jericho

Braun Strowman vs Local Competitor

when a bell rings Local Competitor was feeling hesitating to attack and he also tries to escape from the ring but Braun Strowman pulls him back to the ring and runs him over again and again then finally Braun gives reverse Chokeslam and win the match Quickly

Winner – Braun Strowman

Darren Young vs Titus O’Neil

Former teammates Prime Time Players taking on each other for second time and Darren Young who was defeated by Titus in their last match by Crossbody was looking for some payback. After bell rings, Titus hits a knee to the nose. Darren got stunned by that attack and slowly rolls down from the ring. And Titus was dominating throughout the match but Young slides down when Titus was about given running power slam and turn down into Crossbody and wins the match

Winner – Darren Young

Seth Rollins addresses his Summerslam opponent Finn Balor

Seth addresses Finn and as per Rollins Finn Balor is the good wrestler but he is far better than Balor when it comes wrestling. Rollins also says how Finn disrespected him when he shows ignorance and arrogant behaviour. And he says he is going teach lesson to the Finn Balor hard way at Summerslam.

Cesaro vs Sheamus

This was good physical match between this both wrestler but at the end of the match when Cesaro gets cheap shot by Sheamus and at that time referee comes between and start to argue with the Sheamus and that Cesaro rolls down the Sheamus and wins the match

Winner – Cesaro

 Neville & Sin Cara vs Dudley Boyz

after the break Sin Cara reveals  that he is teaming up with Neville for the tag match against Dudley Boyz it was a high flying match and at the Neville gives Red Arrow to Devon Dudley and pick the victory

Winner – Neville & Sin Cara

Roman Reign Interrupt the Wedding celebrations of the Rusev And Lana

Sasha Banks vs Dana Brooke

Women WWE Champion  Sasha was taking on Dana who is having Charlotte ringside. And If Sasha wins the match then Dana Brooke Will be banned from the ringside at the Summerslam and if Dana wins then that match is going to be a handicap match

at the end, Sasha hit double knees to the Dana get pin by Sasha and gets banned from ringside at SummerSlam

Winner – Sasha Banks

Finn Balor reveals the history of The Demon King and warns Rollins to stay out of his way

Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson talking on the Troubling episode

Kofi Kingston vs Luke Gallows

the match was totally messed when Karl get to the apron and Xavier Woods also get involved in the match. At the end, Luke Gallows manhandles Kofi on his face to the ground and pick up victory against Kofi Kingston

Winner – Luke Gallows

RAW General Manager Mick Foley & SmackDown General Manager discussing Feud between Brock Lesnar and Randy Orton

WWE United State Title – Cesaro vs Rusev

The main event of the today’s RAW was Rusev defending his Title against Cesaro. but this match ends up with huge drama because while fighting Rusev Scratches Cesaro eye and suddenly Sheamus comes out nowhere and gives Brogue Kick to the Cesaro when Referee isn’t looking and Rusev takes advantage pin, Cesaro. And after the match, all of the sudden Roman Reigns comes and gives spear to the Rusev.